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Psychotherapy, consultation, and training based in Melbourne, Australia.

(Services are currently available entirely online)

I am a psychotherapist, consultant and trainer with a focus on working with transgender and gender diverse people and their families/communities.


My interest in trans and gender diverse health and advocacy stem originally from my own queer and trans experiences and involvement in community, and has since evolved as my career in individual and family therapy, case work and advocacy has given me the pleasure of encountering an immeasurably large number of TGD people, as well as their families and loved ones. This has offered me insight into the breadth of experiences and grown my compassion and love for the communities encompassed within the LGBTIQA+ umbrella. 

I do not assume that my lived experience alone qualifies me to support other trans people or consult and train in this area, as I believe there are infinite ways to live a life and be in a body within the context of our gendered world. My skills in this area are informed by my lived-experience but built over many years by the incredible people that have let me into their inner worlds, by my learnings in gender theory, and my understanding of both the psyche and systemic marginalisation and oppression.