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Counselling - Facilitation - Training


Psychotherapy, consultation, and training based in Melbourne, Australia.

(Services are currently available entirely online)

I am an integrative psychotherapist and trainer with a focus on working with trans and gender diverse clients and their families.


I have formed this specialty through clinical practice, strong engagement in the trans community of Melbourne, and through my own lived experience.


I do not assume that my lived experience qualifies me to support other trans people, as I believe there are infinite ways to live a life and in a body within the context of our gendered world. I have always found, however, that I am able to help people feel comfortable and safe to explore these aspects of their experience, knowing I will not objectify, simplify, or judge. 

Though I work almost exclusively with trans clients, I consider myself a generalist counsellor, in that the client's therapeutic goals frequently have little to do with their gender. They struggle with all the same things that others struggle with (relationships, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, family violence, purpose, grief, fear, rigid self-beliefs, intrusive thoughts, etc) and they require a space to work through these things where their gender can be a non-issue. 

Other clients seek me out specifically for support in and around their gender. This is the lifeblood of my work and a privilege to get to do.