Training & Capacity Building

In facilitation and training, I seek to foster an engaging and collaborative group culture that integrates theory and reflection such that material is meaningful and applicable to each participant within the context of their life and work.


Due to increasing requests, I have developed workshops and training modules, which I provide for individuals, groups, organisations, and companies. While I have some core material, I design the content and delivery method to suit each group, depending on the level of knowledge, size of the group, preferred learning styles and their expressed wishes for content, as well as other areas to deepen and expand their learning of which they may not have considered. 


Topics include:

- Working with Trans and Gender Diverse Clients in Clinical Practice

- LGBTIQ Affirmative Practice 

- Working with TGD Young People and Their Families

- Working with Family Violence in LGBTIQ Populations and Communities

- Working with Dysphoria and Transition in Clinical Practice

- Moving Towards a Trans Affirmative Education Setting

- Queering Transition: Nonbinary Experiences of the Concept of Transition (Masters research)


Trainings are offered as full or half-day packages. Shorter trainings arranged on a case-by-case basis.  

Please contact me for a quote and to discuss bookings